Leather Repair Services

Minor leather, scuffs, scrapes, tears, cigarette burns, colour wear and fade can all be repaired by Leather Luxury Care. With our excellent colour matching techniques we can repair then re-colour your leather upholstery to an excellent standard.

Leather Car Seat Repairs

We also provide a leather car seat repairs service, covering all leather car seating, leather car interiors repair and car dashboard repairs. Repairing your car leather interior can also help you get a higher asking price when selling your vehicle. Call us to find out how we can help.

Leather Couch & Settee Repairs

Using our advanced equipment and extensive training we can repair scuffs and scratches in your home seating. Many different types of leather damage can be repaired, so before paying a fortune for a new couch or suite, call us to see if we can repair and clean your home furniture up to an amazing standard.

Leather Cleaning Service

Using professional training and the latest equipment, we provide a variety of leather upholstery and furniture cleaning services:

  • Leather upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather couch cleans
  • Leather Suite cleaning
  • Leather car seats cleaning
  • Leather furniture cleaning
  • Commercial leather furniture cleaning
  • Boat Interiors/ Leather
  • Plane Interiors/ Leather
  • Handbag Spa/Cleaning/ Minor Repairs